Physical Medicine And Rehabilitation

Different people are blessed with different things in life. While some people enjoy certain extra ordinary talents and skills, there are many others who are not blessed with the basic health conditions to carry on their lives independently. However, the technology is highly developed and the medical field is incorporated into the highly advanced technology and there are so many amazing things doctors and other health care providers do.

Physical rehabilitation is one major field in medicine which has been there for a long time to help people with different physical disabilities and impairments resulted by brain damages, bone injuries, spinal code damages, muscle, ligaments or joint damages recover and restore their body functions. These treatments are done by a fully qualified and well trained physiatrist whose main objective is to maximize the physical activities of a patient and to make him an independent person as much as he could. by achieving this independency they hope to increase the quality of the patient’s life.  

Physiatrists usually plan comprehensive treatment plans which are totally patient centered based on cutting-edge technology and long term practice. They treat a large variety of patients starting from infants to elderly patients. They deal with patients who undergo different conditions in different systems such as cardiovascular, musculoskeletal, neurological and rheumatological.

Some of the common conditions that are found in those patients remain spinal code injuries, strokes, brain injuries, polio, multiple sclerosis etc. most of the time, the patients are recommended to undergo physiotherapy in which they could do regular exercises, movements and technology based treatments to increase the functions of the disabled body parts, post pregnancy pilates are also another solution for mums. Special concern is given to increase the functions and strength of the joints to make the patient more active and independent.

Patients who underwent accident and experience physical disabilities should be handled carefully. The main cause is, most of them are mentally weak thinking that they cannot get their own things done and they are dependent. So they need both mental support and physical treatments to recover. They should be highly encouraged to get engaged in the treatments by their close relatives and friends and convince them that they are not disabled but they are in the process of recovering and restoring their physical abilities. If they are properly taken care and treated under a professional medical advisor, they could definitely witness a lot of improvements in their activities. However, without a strong support from their close ones, those patients are unable to recover and spend a quality life as other normal people.